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Cacao, Mallow & I


Some facts - I love Chocolate!  I mean I really love Chocolate.  I also love Marshmallow. 

And so, a multitude of burnt pans, severely singed fingers, endless destroyed utensils and a whole host of tantrums later,  The Choccy and Mallow Hatch was born!







Originally created as a little sanctuary, a million miles away from the daily routine and my days working in finance, a place in which to 'lose myself', this little venture is now the complete love of my life!  

Being self taught has meant a LOT of practice, not to mention a particularly large number of somewhat 'questionable' creations when I first started out on this journey back in 2018.  I've almost torn my hair out learning how to temper chocolate, I've practically repainted my kitchen whilst teaching myself how to colour using an airspray gun, and a slightly overzealous approach to taste testing for 'quality control' purposes is going to need some serious reconsideration!  But, it's all been worth it because now, finally, I get to do what I love and even better, I get to share it with others!

Pure unadulterated love in every single item


So if you're feeling like you deserve a little treat, or you're feeling particularly generous and think someone else deserves one, head on over to the shop

where everything's freshly handmade to order

because you know what they say,

a little bit of what you fancy does you good!


The Beans


Each chocolate bought helps to support

Cocoa Farmers in Africa. 


Every chocolate is made using deliciously creamy Belgian Chocolate from Callebaut.  Callebaut sources 100% sustainable cocoa and reinvest part of every pack of chocolate they sell, which through the Cocoa Horizons Project, helps to train and teach cocoa farmers how to turn cocoa cultivation into a sustainable source of income, improving the livelihoods for themselves & their communities.

So you can eat delicious chocolate and do some good at the same time, what more of a reason do you need!


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