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~ Turnaround time ~

This varies between items and can be longer in particularly busy periods.  Chocolate boxes require the most time as each one is hand painted and made from scratch in small batches.  Please allow up to 10 days for an order, though I aim to have them ready as quickly as possible without compromising on the quality.  Marshmallows together with Honeycomb and Brittle will be much quicker, normally just a few days between ordering and receiving, though if an order also contains a Chocolate Box I will only post out once all items are ready.  Please bear turnaround times in mind if ordering for a specific occasion.  If you need something quicker, please drop me a message prior to placing an order and I will do my absolute best to accommodate specific requests.

~ Allergens/Intolerances ~

As this is a small home run business this does mean orders are prepared in a home kitchen and as such, means I am unfortunately unable to cater for allergens such as nuts etc.  High levels of hygiene & cleanliness are adhered to and all work surfaces fully cleaned down using Industry cleaners.  However, simply due to the nature of home kitchens, the presence of allergen causing food items may and can still be present.

~ Gifts/Posting to Other Addresses ~

If you would like your order posting directly to someone else as a gift etc, this is absolutely fine.  As all payments go through PayPal, if the delivery address is different please indicate the intended delivery address at checkout.

~ Postage/Delivery ~

All orders will be sent out via Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For.  Royal Mail aim to deliver all 1st class parcels the next working day, though please be aware they do not guarantee this.  As a result of this I do not post out on Fridays or Saturdays in order to reduce the amount of time parcels may be held in Royal Mail sorting offices and vans.

On the rare occasion of any postal issues, just drop me an email or message & I'll investigate what's happening.

~ Shelf Life ~

Shelf life varies between products and a best before/use by date will be included on each item.  

Honeycomb, if kept airtight and stored somewhere cool and dry, will keep for months and months.  The same rule applies to honeycomb coated in chocolate (though if you're anything like me there's no chance of it staying around uneaten for that long)!

The Brittle again has a very long shelf life but only if kept airtight at all times.  Once exposed to air it will begin to break down and will, relatively quickly, go soft and very very sticky!  If kept airtight though, again you can expect to get several months out of it.  It is important to not store Honeycomb or Brittle in the fridge as this will cause them to go soft and very soggy.

Plain shop bought Marshmallow generally has a very long shelf life, however as the Marshmallows I make contain a lot of freshly made ingredients, I generally put a shelf life of about a fortnight on them.  They will again need to be kept airtight in order to enjoy them at their freshest and to prevent their pillowy soft texture from drying out.

The shelf life of my handmade chocolate boxes is determined by the shortest shelf life flavour in the box.  Some of my flavours have very long shelf lives, where as those that contain freshly made ganache will have a much shorter life span.  As such, as most boxes contain a mix of flavours, they'll generally have an 'eat me by' date on them of between 2-3 weeks.


~ Packaging ~

I am working very hard to ensure as much of the packaging used is either recyclable, made from recycled materials or is biodegradable & compostable.  I'm very proud to say that over 90% of the boxes and bags used fall into one or all of the above specifications.

~ Hot Weather ~

Due to the nature of the products, during instances of very hot weather I will delay posting orders out to preserve the quality of the items (no one wants a box of soggy,molten mush arriving at their door after all!). They will then be posted out at the 1st available opportunity once the temperature is a little more 'choccy friendly'.

~ Gelatine ~

At this point, all of my Marshmallows contain gelatine.  Due to an ongoing search for a vegetarian alternative that holds the desired shape and texture in the same way, I am so far unable to offer a vegetarian option.  Please bear this in mind if ordering, particularly if ordering as a gift for someone.

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~ The 'Boring but Necessary' bits ~

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