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'Don't Get Fresh' ~ Mint

'Don't Get Fresh' ~ Mint


Cool and refreshing Peppermint flavoured Fudge, swirled with a dose of dark Chocolate, topped with Belgian Dark Chocolate finished off with a shaving of Belgian White Chocolate! 





Every batch is handmade & handcut so will vary slightly from one to the next, but each slab weighs between 215-230 grams.


*price is per bar*

  • Storing your Fudge slabs

    To enjoy your Fudge at it's very best keep it airtight.  If kept airtight and somewhere cool and dry, it should last upto 3 weeks... if your willpower lasts that long!!

Is your order a gift?  If you require a personalised handwritten message adding into your order, please indicate at checkout in the 'Add a Note' section before paying.  There is no additional charge for this

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