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'The Ruby Jewel' ~ Raspberry & Ruby

'The Ruby Jewel' ~ Raspberry & Ruby


Ruby Chocolate is known as the worlds 'fourth' Chocolate type.  Naturally pink in colour with no additional colouring, this Chocolate has a slightly sweet and sour taste, comparable to berries.

This soft & creamy Fudge has the addition of Raspberry coulis, made using real Raspberries, swirled into it, then smothered in the finest Belgian Ruby Chocolate, and topped with freeze dried Raspberrry! 





Every batch is handmade & handcut so will vary slightly from one to the next, but each slab weighs between 215-230 grams.


*price is per bar*

  • Storing your Fudge slabs

    To enjoy your Fudge at it's very best keep it airtight.  If kept airtight and somewhere cool and dry, it should last upto 3 weeks...if your willpower lasts that long!!

Is your order a gift?  If you require a personalised handwritten message adding into your order, please indicate at checkout in the 'Add a Note' section before paying.  There is no additional charge for this

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