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The Deluxe Festive Chocolate Box

The Deluxe Festive Chocolate Box


The Deluxe Festive Box!


Unlike many where a bigger box just means more of the same flavours, this one includes all the flavours of the standard Festive Box, plus an additional 7 flavours & designs! That means a total of 15 delicious christmassy snug & cosy flavors are crammed into this Festive box of 30 chocolates! Each one is hand painted and then wrapped in the finest, creamiest fairtrade Belgian Chocolate. Great as a special gift for someone or just as a treat for yourself for the big day


~Salted Caramel in Milk Chocolate

~Festive Spiced Ganache in Dark Chocolate

~Mulled Spices in Milk Chocolate

~Irish Cream in White Chocolate

~Marc de Champagne in Milk Chocolate

~Crunchy Hazelnut nibs & smooth Hazelnut Praline in Milk Chocolate

~Whipped Milk Chocolate Ganache & Orange Caramel in Milk Chocolate

~Biscoff Ganache and Vanilla Bean in White Chocolate

~Amaretto and Butterscotch in Milk Chocolate

~Peppermint Chocolate Chip in Dark Chocolate

~Chocolate Caramel in Milk Chocolate

~Morello Cherry, Kirsch & Ruby Ganache in Dark Chocolate

~Spiced Orange and Triple Sec in Dark Chocolate

~Cinnamon Caramel & Stroopwafel in White Chocolate

~Raspberry Coulis & Ganache in White Chocolate

Is your order a gift?  If you require a personalised handwritten message adding into your order, please indicate at checkout in the 'Add a Note' section before paying.  There is no additional charge for this

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